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Nature Thai Spa Malad

welcome to Nature Thai Spa Malad

Massage Parlour in Malad Mumbai

Walk inside Nature Thai Spa at Malad and you’ll be greeted by a full-fledged spa spread across three levels. There are three rooms: One for Massage, one for hands and feet, and one for all massage, topped with a laung on the second floor.

One of the most popular sections at this spa is easily the massage room on the ground floor. We offer a variety of massages, with cute names like Sandwich Massage, Body to Body Massage, Four Hand Massage. We are known for our skilled and attractive masseuse, and be warned, this is the real deal, and it will hurt. But it will also feel incredible at the same time and really relieve your tired body.

When it comes to the body, again, the variety is great. Having had oily skin all my life, I had trained myself to stay away from facials as they usually end up involving a mountain of creaminess. So, when I saw options like these massage options, I did end up smiling (albeit an oily smile).

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Nature Thai Spa Malad | Body Massage in Malad Mumbai